Girls Under Glass Equilibrium

Lovers of darkwave music may find solace in this third American release by these German veterans (they’ve been around Europe since the 1980s). Although progression seems to be out of the cards for this disc, keep in mind this album was made seven years ago, before it found its way to this side of the pond. The dark, melodramatic vocals are typical of any goth influenced work; the music accompanying, unfortunately, can grow far more tedious. Some exceptions to the boring are "Future Assault,” a more powerful, heavier, and sinister side of GUG; and "Desire Lasts Forever,” a resourceful track of echoing vocals, bongo sounds and sharp guitar riffs that stands as worthy b-side material. As a bonus, the group also include a cover version of Kraftwerk’s "Radioaktivitat” by the GUG side project Trauma. If you miss the ’80s sounds of goth rock, this is a good place to rekindle your love. Buyer beware though, for when taken into analysis under the dark music spectrum, Equilibrium is the lightest shade of grey possible. (Van Richter)