Girls Names

The New Life

BY Farah BarakatPublished Dec 26, 2013

Girls Names are in an entirely new headspace on their sophomore album. Frontman Cathal Cully says, "The New Life is what happens when you reset everything back to zero and start again, but try to be perfect." Gone are the jangly pop hooks and surf-rock influences that made up the band's critically acclaimed debut, Dead To Me. With their latest work, the Belfast-based four-piece (formerly a trio) delve into deeper, darker, shadowy psychedelia (i.e., Joy Division and the Horrors). The overall tempo has slowed, allowing for more instrumental variation and a chance for the band to explore the new musical terrain (which they thoroughly do). Vocalist Cathal Cully's fluid lyrics float in and out of verses only when needed, shadowed by reverb that gives his voice a more instrumental feel. A hint of the their past sound creeps into "Occultation," which carries a familiar, jangly melody and a quicker tempo, sans the heavy bass influence. However, "Pittura Infamante," a track named after the Italian Renaissance genre of defamatory painting, carries an addictive, repeating bass line juxtaposed with a sugary sweet melody — a prominent trend throughout the album.

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