Ghost B.C.'s 'Infestissumam' Delay Due to Orgy Artwork?

Ghost B.C.'s 'Infestissumam' Delay Due to Orgy Artwork?
A couple of weeks ago, we learned that ghoul-filled metal crew Ghost B.C.'s sophomore set Infestissumam would arrive April 16 in Canada through Republic/Universal Music Canada, a week after an April 9 release in the U.S. Now, following an alleged aversion to some orgiastic artwork, U.S. fans will get their copies a week later as well.

Spin reports that the delay is due to four separate compact disc manufacturers refusing to print an apparently sacrilegious group sex scene pictured in the deluxe edition of Infestissumam.

"We kept on getting turned down because of the CD art, which is basically a 16th century illustration of an orgy," a source close to the band told Spin.

As you can see in the image above, which is said to be inspired by the work of 19th century French illustrator Gustave Dore, the artwork showcases a sex scene full of masks, heavy petting, and some religious iconography. Put together by Polish artist Zbignew Bielak II and a Nameless Ghoul, the disc art ties in with the rest of the deluxe package, which forms an illustrated narrative based on Infestissumam's lyrics.

While booklets had already been printed for the release, the inclusion of upside down crosses on the disc art allegedly led disc manufacturers to balk at pressing the CDs. For the record, Ghost B.C. weren't dumbfounded at the decision.

"They weren't surprised," the source said. "The comment was 'Well, I thought this would have happened sooner.' The artwork was meant to provoke some sort of thought, but it's been one obstacle after another."

The band eventually compromised by reusing the disc art for the standard edition of the CD. It should be noted that the vinyl and European editions of the LP still include the controversial illustration. It's unclear whether or not the Canadian edition will figure differently.

Down below, you can see the band's new group-love celebrating video for "Year Zero".