Ghost B.C. Release Sex Toy Box Set

Ghost B.C. Release Sex Toy Box Set
Ghost B.C. encountered problems pressing their Infestissumam due to some orgy-displaying artwork, but the band apparently worked with some more 'lax factory workers to put together their latest offering: a sex toy box set.

Titled the Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual Box Set, the companion piece contains no actual music, but does include a black dildo moulded in the likeness of face-painted frontman Papa Emeritus II and a silver butt plug. If pressing plant employees balked at Infestissumam's seemingly sacrilegious display, their eyes are going to bulge out of their sockets when they see that the erotic items come packaged in a Bible-shaped carrying case.

The box also houses a T-shirt and, curiously, a "divorce paper scroll." You can inspect all the goods up above.

The Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual Box Set is due out May 3 and can be ordered here for $200. If, however, the crushed-velvet-lined case is just too posh for your tastes but you still want the dildo, it's retailing separately at $75.

Thanks to AUX for the tip.