Ghost B.C. "Secular Haze"

Ghost B.C. 'Secular Haze'
Swedish metal outfit Ghost are cloaked in mystery and only further the confusion with their new single "Secular Haze."

Musically, it's a tripped-out gothic romp full of spookhouse organs, crashing oom-pah-pah beats and chunky six-string riffs. Fair enough as it is, it's the story behind the song, which will appear on an as-yet-untitled 2013 LP, that tantalizes.

Last week, the group performed a show — or rather, a ritual — in Linköping, Sweden, that seemingly transferred frontman duties from Papa Emeritus to, obviously, Papa Emeritus II. Rumours are swirling that the singer is in fact the same, though, and that Ghost may have used a decoy during the live show. Considering these dudes are all cloaks, masks and makeup, it's entirely possible.

You can see the cloaked combo evolve for the live premiere of "Secular Haze" down below, where you'll also find the studio version, and mull over the conspiracy theory at your leisure.