Ghastly City Sleep Ghastly City Sleep

The word "sleep” is quite appropriate in this band’s name, as their ambient, somnambulant songs are quite beautiful but are best suited to the bedroom. There’s some obvious talent here, as they get the tone and atmosphere down quite nicely while avoiding the usual post-rock pitfalls. As seen on "Suchness,” there’s a focus on the slow build that bands like Mono have mastered but they don’t just focus on guitars and reverb, throwing some piano, hushed vocals and psychedelic fuzziness into the equation. Actually, the vocals are quite stunning in their languid delivery, as demonstrated by "Subtle Disaster.” In terms of classic post-rock though, the loudest they become is at the climax of "Ice Creaks,” where it’s all guitars, but they never have the power that other bands command, which goes completely with the tone of the album. This isn’t music about power and control, as it has a looser, more spontaneous feel that’s centred on changing moods and electronic hisses. It’s quite beautiful but it’s definitely an acquired taste that may grow a little less thorny with each listen. (Robotic Empire)