Geto Boys MC Bushwick Bill to Release Gospel Album

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 8, 2008

As a member of the influential and highly controversial gangsta rap crew the Geto Boys, and the most well-known MC with dwarfism, Bushwick Bill gained notoriety in 1991 when he lost his eye to a self-inflicted gunshot-wound in an attempt to collect on an insurance policy. Now, Bill’s peculiar ways are gaining attention again, but this time with a religious twist.

Testimony of Redemption, Bushwick Bill’s sixth foray into solo recording, is his first attempt at gospel rap, featuring honorable lyrics on tracks like "Praise For A Good Woman,” "Pull The Trigger On The Devil” and perhaps the most evangelistic, "God’s Side Is The Best Side.” Still, Bill’s brush with Christianity isn’t a new leaf — before he made it big with the Geto Boys, he was a theology student with the ministry in mind. Does this mean we can expect a Run’s House knock-off on MTV soon? Let's hope so.

In other news, last Friday (July 4) the original Geto Boys line-up, including Bill, performed a reunion show in Houston, Texas. It was their first show in three years.

Geto Boys "My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me"

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