Get Hustle Earth Odyssey

Get Hustle have made an incredibly beautiful and strange album full of chaos and melody. Not unlike some of the more abstract Skin Graft releases, although less noisy and distorted, Earth Odyssey runs a gambit of eclectic styles with the anchor being the lovely and haunting vocals of singer Valentine. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes more traditional, often playing with noisescapes and occasionally out of control and frantic, Get Hustle utilises a piano, drums, guitar and vocal line-up to maximum effect. Opener "Bloo Boo" and "Tropic of Capricorn" show Get Hustle at their peak, combining their chaotic elements with their melodic side and in the process writing some excellent songs. Although, not an accessible album by any means, Earth Odyssey is well worth its weight in sonic deviance and melodic disorder. (5RC)