Germany Germany Juneau

Germany Germany Juneau
This latest LP from Victoria, BC's Germany Germany combines hook-laden electro-pop with a long list of cool, downtempo beauties. Drew Harris, who carries the bulk of the load here, does both well. On this album though, it is the former that's most impressive.
Each of the disc's first two tracks, "Dissolve" and "Ghost," are single-worthy; more than that, they're flat-out addictive. "Dissolve" runs a full two-and-a-half minutes before Jennie Sadler's monotone vocal kicks in. Not exactly standard practice for a three-and-a-half minute pop song, but it works beautifully. The synth line is pure gold — allowing it to dominate that much of the track gives the introduction of the vocal real power. It's a cracking intro.
"Ghost" follows a more conventional structure, and it is every bit as polished; this is new wave at its best. Principally (but not entirely) electronic, lyrically romantic and impossible to get out of your head. Again, Sadler's contribution is first-rate.
As prevalent as the synth is throughout the album, there's a good deal more going on here. "New Memory," for example features distorted electric guitar up front in the mix. Graham Keehn adds a powerful acoustic drum to "Ghost" and "Lux."
The bulk of the album is wordless, yet these tracks sound nothing like we're used to from solo electronic music producers, which is a big part of what makes Juneau such a fresh listen. (Independent)