Genghis Tron Announce New Remix Series

Genghis Tron Announce New Remix Series
As if to perpetuate a career trend of abstract metal, Poughkeepsie three-piece Genghis Tron have announced their next wave of remix releases. According to a Genghis Tron MySpace blog published on Monday, the end of this summer will see the first of a five-part series of remixes from the band's latest album, Board Up the House, which dropped in February of this year.

The five releases, limited to 1000 copies each and pressed on coloured twelve-inch, will be respectively released by five different record labels (Temporary Residence, Lovepump United, Relapse, Anticon and Crucial Blast). Some of the announced remixers are said to include Telefon Tel Aviv, Justin Broadrick (Jesu), Odd Nosdam and Steve Moore (Earth).

The official word from the band is as follows:

"We are very excited to announce a series of special GT releases which we've been scheming for quite some time now. Those who have been following us for a while know that we've always been interested in remixes, but to date we've only released a few GT remixes on a few tour-only CDs. We've wanted to do something grander and more "official" for a long time, so we're proud to say that we've finally assembled a very massive, very official remix project. We reached out to lots of musicians who we admire and overall we've been completely overwhelmed at their willingness to participate in this massive, awesome project. More importantly, the remixes are sounding pretty mind-blowing so far...we're excited to share them with you."

Following the release of their 2005 EP Cloak of Love and their 2006 debut full-length, Dead Mountain Mouth, the band released two tour only EPs, entitled Cape of Hate (2006) and Triple Black Diamond (2007). These two releases contained not only remixes and live versions of songs from the previous albums, but also a couple of otherwise-unrelease demos. This autumn's releases will set a new precedent in innovation in the world of physical releases, and taking cruel advantage of you vinyl-advocates pokemon-complex affliction. You will have to catch 'em all.

The releases will be made available for pre-order in the month prior to each scheduled release. Pre-order for Temporary Residence will begin in July, with orders shipping in September.

Genghis Tron "Board Up the House"