GBH Return with Perfume and Piss

GBH Return with <i>Perfume and Piss</i>
Long-punking Brit punkers GBH have announced an April 6 release date for their new full-length. Dubbed Perfume and Piss, the album marks the 11th long-player for the band, who are a bit of a hardcore institution (well, if staring at the back of crust punks' leather jackets tells us anything... and it does).

Marking the band's first record since 2002's Ha Ha, it will be released on Hellcat Records; it's the band's first for the label. One new track from the album, "Kids Get Down," can be checked out here and a full tracklisting for the album is below.

GBH have, shockingly, been doing their thing for over 30 years now. The band says in a press release that this new record is the "best album we've done in a long, long time," but seeing as how they haven't done an album in eight years, we don't really know how to take that.

Regardless, the leather-and-spike contingent can get ready to get those liberty spikes sky-high and get that circle pit going hard when this album drops.

Perfume and Piss:

1. "Unique"

2. "Kids Get Down"

3. "Perfume and Piss"

4. "Cadillac One"

5. "San Jose Wind"

6. "Dead Man Walking"

7. "Invisible"

8. "This Is Not the Real World"

9. "Polytoxic"

10. "Ballads"

11. "Power Corrupts"

12. "Going Sideways"

13. "Time Flies"