Gaza Singer Jon Parkin Responds to Allegations of Rape

Gaza Singer Jon Parkin Responds to Allegations of Rape
Following a series of online allegations, the lead vocalist of Salt Lake City grind metal band Gaza is vehemently denying allegations of rape. Singer Jon Parkin posted a lengthy statement via the band's Facebook page today (January 16), addressing the very serious claims.

The allegations, which originally surfaced in October but did not include Parkin's name, were recently posted on a unknown woman's Tumblr page.

A detailed account of the alleged rape, which the accuser says happened on September 15, 2012, can be found here. The accuser — who identifies herself as a "femme riot grrrl" on her blog and runs a 'zine distro in Boise, ID — states she has not gone to the police, but instead is now demanding Parkin publicly apologizes and steps down from Gaza.

In response, Parkin has offered the following statement:

Let me first say that this rape allegation is entirely untrue. Throwing this sort of accusation up on the internet is reckless and completely slanderous. Two of my very close friends have been raped and it was devastating to watch them go through the recovery process, one of which I spent a summer helping through counseling. I went with her to the clinic to get her AIDS test results. Rape infuriates me, and I never see red like I do when I hear about it. This is not a subject or an accusation I take lightly. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I could never and would never force myself on anybody.

I'm sorry that you all have to be part of this drama, but this has to be addressed. This mess in no way has anything to do with the band and I'm sorry for the other members as this is a black mark on us that is undeserved and untrue. Women's rights and all forms of social justice are causes we champion. I would encourage this person as well as any other who feel they have been assaulted to go immediately to the police.

UPDATE: Following Parkin's statement, the posts of the alleged incident on the accuser's Tumblr have been removed. Also, the woman behind the posts has offered the following statement on her site:

In respect to the incident aforementioned on my blog; both parties have mutually agreed on a resolution for this matter. I have agreed to delete all mentions and posts about this incident from my blog, and I will refrain from posting about this incident again.

Neither of us are retracting our respective statements — instead we are deciding to not discuss it further and move on. This agreement means I will be unable to answer questions about this. I want to apologize to Gaza as a whole, my intention never was to damper the reputation or musical careers of the members, and I apologize to them. I apologize for involving the band in accusations and handling it poorly in a way that influences the members of Gaza and other well intentioned people involved with their career and music. Both of us would like people not to disparage either party and move on.

This is the last thing I will post about the incident.