Gaudi / Various Sub Signals

The subsonic spawn of Gaudi’s creative marriage with Interchill, this low frequency inspired compilation from leading producers of new world dub features 12 tracks from the likes of Dub Alchemist, Hightone, Noiseshaper and Ashtech. The steady bass stream selected by Gaudi for Sub Signals is expectedly deep and luscious, and the psy-groove and reverberating atmospherics add the characteristic Interchill polish. Though not as progressive as one might expect from the new dub all-stars, Hightone’s driving "Replay” makes the most of its subsonic license. What this new dub outing does best is root itself very comfortably in traditional forms and it keeps the original analogue-based dub flavour alive through much of the genre’s now digitised psychedelic sounds and rhythms. True to its Interchill roots as well, there is plenty of fine acoustic lace woven through all the signal processing and digital refinement. (Interchill)