Gang of Four Set Release Date for New Studio Album

Gang of Four Set Release Date for New Studio Album
After 15 years without recording new material, British post-punk pioneers Gang of Four have announced the release of a brand new studio full-length this fall.

Following recent pledge-drive efforts, the band's Jon King and Andy Gill revealed this morning (July 13) that their new album, titled Content, will hit stores on October 4 in the UK via Groenland Records, with a North American date presumably forthcoming.

The album will be available on CD, vinyl and as an Ultimate Content Can, which will include the album, new photos, a book version of an art piece by King and Gill on ceramic titles and, to top it off, vials of the band members' blood.

A press release for the album claims that "The tracks on Content are simple: vocals, guitar, bass, drums. It is a tough, loud sound. We write about situations in daily life, but these are situations where the point of view is often contradictory or conflicted. Sometimes it's a drama or dialogue, sometimes it's an imagined situation with contradictory voices or commentary. What we strive for in all of our songs, is to interpret the world in a way you haven't seen nor thought of before. We think you'll hear this in Content."

A first single, "Who Am I?" will be released on September 13 in the UK.


1. "She Said 'You Made A Thing Of Me'"
2. "You Don't Have To Be Mad"
3. "Who Am I?"
4. "I Can't Forget Your Lonely Face"
5. "You'll Never Pay For The Farm"
6. "I Party All The Time"
7. "A Fruit Fly In The Beehive"
8. "It Was Never Going To Turn Out Too Good"
9. "Do As I Say"
10. "I Can See From Far Away"
11. "Second Life"