Gang of Four Ask Fans to Help Fund New Album

Gang of Four Ask Fans to Help Fund New Album
Since reforming in 2004, post-punk icons Gang of Four have only released the compilation album Return the Gift in 2005. Now that they're planning to release their first proper studio album in 15 years, the band obviously have to adjust to a music industry completely different than that of their heyday. As a result, they've turned to fans to fund the new effort.

 Like the failed Public Enemy experiment, Gang of Four have asked fans to donate money to a site called Pledge Music to make sure the band's album sees the light of day. According to Digital Music News, the record has already been recorded and given the title Content, and will be free to anyone who donates to the cause.

Along with the free recordings, the band have offered free entry to Gang of Four shows in 2010 and 2011, rare early recordings, a hand-written lyric sheet, album playback in their London studio, an "authentically damaged" signed guitar, a helicopter ride to the Glastonbury Festival and a studio mixing session with guitarist Andy Gill.

The full list of options is available here.

And of course, you can make pledges over here as well, with Gang of Four saying that a share of any pledge profits will go to Amnesty International.