Gang Gang Dance Saint Dymphna

Somewhere between a drum circle and Joe DJ’s play list of the week lay Gang Gang Dance. Though the band’s artiste-ry seems a little obnoxious, their uncategorizable records are compelling listens. Saint Dymphna is a little more electronic and a little less spiritually charged than 2005’s terrific God’s Money but no less arcane — pegging the band’s style is a futile exercise, and it misses the point. More of a collage of notes, beats and effects than a collection of songs, Saint Dymphna runs the gamut from hip-hop to shoegaze to new wave, in the Kate Bush mould. Though it’s trendy to the core, it’s far from superficial — you can always tell the music lovers and record collectors from the attention-mongers, and Gang Gang Dance definitely know what they’re doing. All curmudgeonly hang-ups aside, the band are inimitable, one of the most interesting groups performing today. And though it’s awful to say, Saint Dymphna is a real work of art. (The Social Registry)