Gaffer Ending Again

Gaffer's Ending Again is a world of beautifully grooving, shredding punk melodies, where early Motörhead meets Helmet and an Unsane Fugazi at a Melvins show. Their build-up of tension is quite momentous - a lone guitar trinkles in the high register strings of minor note melancholia, then a sharp attack of catharsis from major note thickness destroys all in its path. The trio rest on a foundation of a punishing yet womb-like plucking bass guitar that is inescapable and immortal against all attempts at dialling it out with an equaliser. The static-ridden voice contends to be heard, while the musical bulldozer unearths sludge into a palatable and edible form. Even the quiet pieces are a force to be reckoned with, as these are the sounds of wilful destruction - an assassination on the character of sound and a much needed boiling of endorphins. Lee Harvey Oswald could not compete with Gaffer - embrace them. (Antiantenna)