Gabrielle Papillon Battles 'The Tempest of Old' on New LP

Gabrielle Papillon Battles 'The Tempest of Old' on New LP
Those who are familiar with Gabrielle Papillon's gentle previous works are in for a bit of a surprise, as the songwriter has apparently expanded her sonic palette for her latest album. We'll hear her new sound on The Tempest of Old, which is due out on CD and digitally on March 24.

The album was recorded with returning producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Rich Aucoin) at his Echo Lake studio in Nova Scotia.

While the songwriting is said to be a continuation of the hooks and lyricism she's known for, a press release calls the production "big, orchestral, and defiant." It apparently evokes the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack with its "sepia-soaked, cinematic drive."

For a taste of this, scroll past the tracklist below to hear opening cut "Got You Well." It's a minor-key folk ballad that swells with stomp-clap percussion, banjo-flecked rusticity and distorted drama. Papillon noted on her website that the fiddle is played by Fleur Mainville, who sadly died of cancer a couple of weeks ago.

Papillon has some UK and Canadian shows on the horizon. Her currently confirmed schedule is below, and more dates will reportedly be announced before too long.

The Tempest of Old:

1. Got You Well
2. With Our Trouble
3. Come and Gone
4. Preach Love
5. Idling
6. Kentucky in the Dark
7. Symphony of Better Times
8. Brother, Throw Down
9. Ain't No Bitter
10. This Light Will Not Burn
11. Cradles
12. Then Will I
13. Well Beneath

Tour dates:

02/06 St. Andrews, NB - Winter Warmer Festival
02/07 St. Andrews, NB - Winter Warmer Festival (Song Circle)
04/08-12 Saint John's, NL - East Coast Music Week
05/14-16 Brighton, UK - The Great Escape