Futureheads Launch Own Label For New Album

Futureheads Launch Own Label For New Album
Sunderland sons the Futureheads are following the recent music industry trend of taking matters into your hands after parting ways with their two labels, Vagrant in North America and 679 Recordings in Europe. The ambitious post-punk posse have announced they have launched their own label, Nul Records, to release their new album, This Is Not the World.

As of right now, the band’s third album is due for release in the UK some time in late May, but the rest of the world will have to wait until they settle deals with "indie” labels. The first single "The Beginning of the Twist” (see/hear below) will be available on CD, vinyl and online as of March 10, just prior to their tour of the United Kingdom. The Futureheads have said they will record and release a new version of the single for each and every tour date as a a downloadable version.

Track listing for This Is Not the World:

The Beginning of the Twist
Walking Backwards
Think Tonight
The Girl With the Radio Heart
This Is Not the World
Sale of the Century
Hard to Bear
Work Is Never Done
Broke Up the Time
Everything's Changing
What You Want

The Futureheads - The Beginning Of The Twist

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