Future Sound of London The Otherness

With such a presumptuous name like the Future Sound of London, this UK group really wants us to buy what they're selling — electronic beats paired to psychedelic rhythms. The term "otherness” means to be different in some way, and that's exactly what one can expect from this recording. The Otherness is the follow-up release from 2002's The Isness; both the brainchild of Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans. This album is an adventurous one with its attempt to amalgam psychedelic cosmic rock into something palpable. In the end, you feel the attempt to conjure up a circus-like euphoria with what, for them, is a discernable experience. It's not that this album doesn't work, on some level it does, perhaps it's the obscurity that leaves one unresolved after listening to it. The Otherness is a daring effort not intended for mass consumption; again, it lends itself more to an occult kind of appeal. (Fullfill)