Future Rock Gears

Chicago band Future Rock have been compared to Daft Punk in some circles, and with an initial spin of the band’s second album, Gears, it’s easy to see why. Opening track "Torture” sounds strikingly similar to the aforementioned artist, complete with synthesised robotic voices. What sets Future Rock apart though is the use of not only synthetic drums but a good ol’ fashioned drum kit, giving the band a grounded, gritty sound. However, the progression of the album sees Future Rock move away from any previous comparisons to Daft Punk and fall into the category of mediocre dance rock outfit. The album has its moments, with songs like "Kill, Late” and its dark, coarse bass line and light spattering of synth effects, and "Jesus Would Get the Bigger Speakers,” which has quite a few stellar build-ups that rely heavily on thrashing cymbals. On the whole, Gears sounds like it would be better suited as background music for a second rate racing videogame. (Harmonized)