Future Bible Heroes "Living, Loving, Partygoing" (video)

Future Bible Heroes 'Living, Loving, Partygoing' (video)
Sardonic songwriting genius Stephin Merritt recently took some time away from his main project, the Magnetic Fields, to release the album Partygoing with his band Future Bible Heroes. Now, this group have released a video for the track "Living, Loving, Partygoing."

The clip shows instrumentalist Christopher Ewen and singer Claudia Gonson goofing around on a lawn while Merritt sits motionlessly in what looks a bit like a gaudy set of pyjamas. Will also see him punching keys on a typewriter, Gonson singing into an vintage-looking phone, and a nighttime dance sequence inside of an illuminated tent.

Watch the video below [via Stereogum].

Partygoing is out now through Merge. The band are currently on tour, although the Toronto date has been cancelled.