Fussible Odyssea

The Nortec Collective's fascinating musical trajectories continue via Fussible, formed by Pepe Mogt and Jorge Ruiz. The duo (along with Roberto Mendoza) has been at it for over a decade, reworking sounds with equal parts techno innovation and the local aural flavours of North Western Mexico. The Nortec Collective's Volume 1 was a hugely promising and urgent blend of heady techno, Moog-synth sounds, as well as Norteno and Tambora - styles local to the region and the kitsch-filled gangland of Tijuana. Nortec became the defining banner for the group, combining Norteno with techno to form "Nortec." Fussible continues the explorations in their second album to date. Odyssea's opening track, "Radio Edit," kicks in with what the Tijuana sound is now renowned for - its crisp electro beats complemented by timbales, congas and small bursts of horns or tubas dropping a quick melodic riff. "La Rom U Rosa Remix" is reminiscent of the Volume 1 sampler, providing a steady driving beat with a mean baritone horn sound. Like the rest of the large collective, Fussible are engaged in an experimental synthesis of musical forms and a post-modern romp in cross-border pollination. They are able to jump from the decidedly techno and almost trance-like minimalism of "La Ballena" and "Giant Swarm Remix" back into "Jai Alai," with its distinct North Western Mexico sound. Incidentally, Jai Alai Palace is a dance hall venue that houses a thriving underground electronic music scene in the city. This is no world music catalogue kitsch; it is the advent of new sounds that doesn't forget history or locality while embracing club culture. (Nettwerk)