Funk D'Void Diabla

Two twelve-inches featuring four tracks of an interpretation of Diabla by Funk D'void. The opening track is the heavenly mix by D'Void, an uplifting atmospheric house track that is easily the best of all the versions. On the flip side is the Samuel L. Sessions "Juice Mix," with a more rhythmic interpretation that has faster bpms with synth lines over top. While listening to this track I could practically smell the powder from the club smoke machines on the dance floor. Album two contains the Kevin Saunderson mix, which has a tense synth line set to a quick rhythmic pace. Then there's the "Hacker mix" on side two, an electro interpretation with a Detroit accent. All these tracks are really good, pressed on premium quality vinyl and mixed loud. Great music that's well produced and made for those who care how their records translate onto a club sound system. (Soma)