Funckarma / Various Refurbished One

Funckarma, the glitch-tech IDM project of Dutch brothers Don and Roel Funcken, claim their work is influence by hip-hop, dub, reggae and soul, with these inspirations occasionally materialising in their select "refurbishments” — a compilation of remixes of artists such as Speedy J, Blamstrain, Funkstörung, among others. Most of the tracks are rhythmically busy in the break beat vein, using digital high hats, slamming pistons, crunchy claps, and distorted acid squelches. Yet, often times the edginess is gradually subdued with an AFX-like ambient melody reminiscent of Phonem and Arovane, or in the Shingetsu Ensemble song softened with the wandering wind of an Asian flute. One of the highlights of this remix album is Mr. Projectile’s "Love Here,” with faint vocals injecting a warm breeze into the cold linearity of the album. Refurbished One is a wistfully contemplative selection for dark and melancholic winter months. (n5MD)