Fuck Buttons' Benjamin John Power Branches Out as Blanck Mass

Fuck Buttons' Benjamin John Power Branches Out as Blanck Mass
As part of UK electronic duo Fuck Buttons, Benjamin John Power has mastered psychedelic soundscapes. Over here at Exclaim!, we called the troupe's 2009 set, Tarot Sport, "a riptide of rolling psychedelia, euphoric trance and cosmic profundity." As impressive as the band are, Power is about to show us what he can do on his own. The musician has announced a solo set billed as Blanck Mass.

A press release explains that last year, Power wrote, recorded and produced the self-titled debut from his new project in his London apartment. The apparently noisy yet lusciously ambient album will be released by Mogwai's Rock Action imprint on June 21, but you can stream the set now over on Bandcamp. Check out the tracklisting below.

"I do like the fact that this album represents a pretty clear image of myself, that which I am aware of and that which might be controlled by some other type of subconscious guidance," Power said of his solo work in a statement. "Soundtracking nature documentaries would work out pretty well for me."

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

Blanck Mass:

1. "Sifted Gold"

2. "Sundowner"

3. "Chernobyl"

4. "Raw Deal"

5. "Sub Serious"

6. "Land Disasters"

7. "Icke's Struggle"

8. "Fuckers"

9. "What You Know"

10. "Weakling Filter"