The Front Bottoms "Au Revoir (Adios)" on Exclaim! TV

The Front Bottoms 'Au Revoir (Adios)' on Exclaim! TV
Back in September, we made the trek out to Kitchener, Ontario to set up a session house for Exclaim! TV at Koi Music Festival. Cory Crossman, the director of Koi Music Fest, graciously set us up in a beautiful room just above their festival headquarters — which in the off-season is a dance studio — with huge bay windows and great acoustics.

The first session we filmed at Koi was with New Jersey indie-folk-punk outfit the Front Bottoms. We shared their acoustic rendition of "Twelve Feet Deep," performed by frontman Brian Sella and accompanied by bandmate Ciaran O'Donnell, back in September. In their second performance, Sella stands alone in the middle of the room and jokes back and forth before he takes a deep breath and begins singing "Au Revoir (Adios)."

The song, although the opening track to their second album Talon Of The Hawk, is about a bitter goodbye between two people and performed in a call and response structure, with Sella singing "Au revoir / Au revoir / You probably don't even know what that means" and "Adios / Adios / I bet you think I don't know what that means."

Watch the acoustic performance now in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Kyle Laurin