From Safety To Where Irreversible Trend

Now and then a song will have one part that just makes you crazy. You like the rest of the record but always find yourself rewinding to that one specific section. Sometimes it's the hook of the chorus. Sometimes it's a guitar that shows up in the bridge. It could be anything. On Irreversible Trend, the second offering from this South Carolina trio, that part is found at the beginning of "Only Now." The band dish out solid emo-leaning, '80s-influenced hardcore for the disk's entirety, but the stop/start verse of ...Trend's third track demands focused attention. The entire band works out the pauses into a danceable driving force, providing a perfect shell for the vocalist's insistent claims ("This is just a put on/Admit it"). I'd go into more detail but it's tough to judge the rest of a record when you're so obsessed with a single 30-second portion. (Radical)