From Monument to Masses From Monument to Masses

Hailing from California's Bay Area, From Monument to Masses is a politically mindful trio that plays intricate post-punk instrumentals interspersed with electronic loops and sampled monologues. Rather than exposing listeners to unmitigated revolutionary didacticism, the band creates stirring and inventive tunes, leaving the political philosophy to occasionally sampled discourses from various individuals. "SM-NL" features skilful tempo and dynamic changes, concluding with an impressive melodic impulsion, while "Conclusions That Don't Conclude" contains compelling rhythmic variations and brief, sampled speeches promoting political and social insurgence. Whereas "Clinical Features of Rock Trauma" is highlighted by ample transitions and capably stammered instrumentation and "Hasta la Victoria Simpre!" includes a baleful riff that faintly echoes the more menacing sides of Rodan and June of 44. From Monument to Masses' rock'n'electronic hybrid operates very well, creating extended musical sagas that constantly alter and surprise. (Dim Mak)