Friends of Foes Expose Their 'Faults' on New EP

Friends of Foes Expose Their 'Faults' on New EP
Friends of Foes are keeping their word. Back in June, they promised that a new EP was almost finished and would be released in February 2016. Sure enough, the cinematic Saskatchewan indie rock band have formally announced that Faults will be out on February 12.

The EP was recorded by returning collaborator Jordan Smith and co-produced by him, along with the band's own Matt Stinn. It apparently finds Friends of Foes expanding the scope of their style, and a press release notes, "Faults marks a turning point in the maturity of the band's writing and lyrical content, as well as a shift from chimey indie pop to a fuller and more atmospheric sound."

For a taste of Faults, scroll past the tracklist below to watch a minute-long trailer. It features live performance footage (directed by Morgan Carter), along with a snippet of crunchy rock music.

This is the follow-up to 2013's Chronophobic and the stand-alone 2014 single "Winter." Expect Friends of Foes to tour following the release of Faults.


1. Nowhere
2. Dance in the Dark 
3. Midnight 
4. Monarch 
5. Faults 
6. Diving In