French Kicks Young Lawyer

French Kicks can be seen as one of the contributors to the up-and-coming New York rock scene. Along with bands such as the Moldy Peaches and the Strokes, French Kicks have this certain kick to them that make this certain sound very exciting and something to look forward to. Young Lawyer, their second EP, is six songs full of young, energetic rock 'n' roll that knows how to raise the adrenaline level in one's body. "Young Lawyer" and "Call Our Hands" have that same rawness to them that the now extinct Jonathan Fire*Eater showcased a few years back. Nick Stumpf's drumbeats are some of the most powerful thumps to be used and complement the band's dual-trebled guitars. The band has this undeniable attitude that evokes the spirit of the Stones and shows a confidence that will make them the stars that they likely won't want to be. (Big Hassle)