French Kicks Two Thousand

Somehow French Kicks were not one of the big NYC bands to break out at the turn of the millennium. It’s a puzzling fact considering they have the complete package for success: pop hooks to die for, charismatic and pensive lyrics, a solid live show and significant growth with each record. But hopefully they will get their just desserts with the warm harmonics of Two Thousand, their third record for StarTime International. Though not as immediately fulfilling as 2004’s criminal underrated The Trial of the Century, album number three is less reliant on new wave gadgetry and reveals the band’s exquisite layers behind their compositions. Again using Doug Boehm as a co-producer, French Kicks have improved their creative vision, using placid methods to subtly pull in the synthesisers, pianos and guitars. This restrained approach radiates a much warmer sensation to their hushed but powerful melodies, as well as producing a lustrous sheen that a band like the Walkmen would benefit greatly from. While it does lack one or two big songs that could finally get the band the commercial success they deserve, Two Thousand is a consistent and true testament to the band’s gift for developing their sound and making oh-so-sweet music in the process. (Star Time International)