Freescha What's Come Inside of You

When you open a disc’s liner notes and find big-breasted, day-glow maidens and a unicorn catching a rainbow laser beam in the ass you know it’s a keeper. A fitting way for SoCal duo Freescha to emblazon their third album What’s Come Inside of You, a confusing mix of lush effects and studio screw-ups that deliberately push the limits of how much you can mess with a track's tempo. The off-kilter drums and sparse lingering keys never rub the wrong way though, finding a perfect median between art and annoyance. "Rinky Dink,” "Feel Back” and "Watcha Gonna Do For It” all use organs that run like a frazzled health class reel-to-reel, midway through the latter a fractured beat-box gets dropped in and spliced to a twitchy but pleasant mess. True, most of this stuff sounds like music from TVO’s archaic The Edison Twins, but you don’t hear me complaining. No wonder Moby quotes all over them. (Attack 9)