Freedom The Guvernment, Toronto ON May 20

While Chase & Status and Shy FX ripped apart a Kool Haus comfortably full of Toronto junglists, and Fedde Le Grande and Seb Fontaine took centre stage in the house-driven Drink room, the main focus of the night was on the unveiling of the renovated Guvernment. Newly equipped with an impressive LED display across the wall and artistically arranged metal poles stretching from the roof to the floor giving it new super-club identity, the most important transition was the extended DJ booth projected from a pre-existing balcony and the centralised stage taken away from the corner. It was here that the majority of clubbers resided throughout the night, with an esoteric Orkidea set that was followed by ATB, who teased the crowd throughout the night with a snippet of his ’90s anthem "9pm (Till I Come)” with which he eventually closed. It was Infected Mushroom who stole the show on the main stage as ATB overlooked from the booth with awe at the reaction that the Israeli group garnered; flags were held aloft and a crowd scene ensued comparable to something between a football match and a rock concert. With live drums, guitars, synths and vocals in a precisely orchestrated live show, they have proven not only to be advancing their own genre but exemplify how big a factor live performance is looking to become within club scene.