Free Cake for Every Creature's Katie Bejsiuk Announces New Album 'The Woman on the Moon'

Hear new single "Onion Grass" from the previously retired musician

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 27, 2022

Katie Bejsiuk (neé Bennett), bandleader of the now-defunct Philadelphia-based indie rock project Free Cake for Every Creature, has announced her solo return — under her father's original Ukranian surname — with plans for a new album, The Woman on the Moon, out June 24 via Double Double Whammy.

Speaking of the album's title and inspiration, the artist wrote in a statement:

Women are complex, powerful harbingers of both profound ugliness and unparalleled beauty. These songs are centred around navigating the landmines of girlhood and adolescence, learning how to deeply love another human being and also myself, and following my personal North Star vs. the projected timeline for adulthood. It's also about what the relationships with the women in my life really look like—the joy and mirroring of self there, but also the unbreachable distance and instances of violence.

The album is previewed today by lead single "Onion Grass," which, according to the artist, was "inspired by the rupture of an adolescent friendship, which occurred as we moved from the imaginative space of childhood to the restrictive and gendered structures of young adulthood."

It's a far less cutesy affair than that of Free Cake's baseline twee-forward DIY output, which found the singer ruminating on chubby cows and eating TV dinners, though Bejsiuk's wit and penchant for songwriting remain.

Free Cake disbanded back in 2019, announcing their split via Instagram, writing in a post that "it just feels right to end now, on a high note." In 2020, they came out of retirement for extras from the bluest star.

Listen to "Onion Grass" below, where you'll also find the album's tracklisting.

The Woman on the Moon:

1. Mothers Records
2. Feels Right
3. Vespers
4. Onion Grass
5. Candy Cigarettes
6. Little Sister
7. Fly Through
8. Tourmaline
9. Said No
10. Olive, NY
11. Queen Anastasia
12. Nightloop

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