Free Cake for Every Creature Come Out of Retirement for 'extras from the bluest star' EP

The band's Katie P. Bennett is donating proceeds from the record to charity
Free Cake for Every Creature Come Out of Retirement for 'extras from the bluest star' EP
Philadelphia DIY troupe Free Cake for Every Creature have emerged from retirement to share a new EP — titled extras from the bluest star and comprising outtakes from 2018's The Bluest Star — in support of Soul Fire Farm, an organization committed to ending racism and injustice in food systems.

Frontwoman Katie P. Bennett made the announcement earlier today via the band's mostly-archived Instagram account:

Francis and I recorded the first four songs at the same time we recorded free cake's album The Bluest Star, in the summer and fall of 2017 in our apartment in West Philly. We could only fit so many songs on the album so had to axe these, but I listened to them recently & they sound darn good! In them I can trace myself starting to open up my songwriting & speak honestly in a way I hadn't previously, about things such as body image, being in a past abusive relationship, and depression — the real stuff that stretches & makes a person, and connects us all. The last song was recorded & mastered by our friend Lucas Knapp at our last show on 5/31/19 at the now-defunct but still-beloved Everybody Hits in Philadelphia.

Back in 2019, the band announced their split via Instagram, writing in a post that "it just feels right to end now, on a high note."

extras from the bluest star is available to purchase for $5 USD through Free Cake's Bandcamp profile.

Listen to extras from the bluest star below.