Free Boat Rentals Free Boat Rentals

The first thing that strikes the listener is the togetherness of this foursome. Relaxed, confident, the quartet let their music unfurl at an unhurried pace, which makes the tunes all the more convincing and captivating. Robust sonorities abound, like on "Thunder Coloured," which is in 7/4, by trumpeter Dan Gooch. A funky groove underpins thoughtful solos, one by trombonist Steve Ward containing an inspired, multi-phonic moment that rivets the attention. Throughout the eight-song proceedings, the rhythmic interplay between bassist Jim Sexton and drummer Dan Gaucher is never less than seamless. "Boat" by Ward begins with a solemn trombone line, next an effect-modulated trumpet figure, then a harmonized, on-off horn counterpoint over thrumming bass, stick clicks and tom-tom punctuations; it's utterly hypnotic. "Visions of Venus" allows Gaucher to confidently sketch cross-rhythms while trumpet and trombone weave a dialogue of interjections and full-throated, long tones. Occasionally, Ward lets loose his inner Maori, with something approximating an eerie conch shell sound ― very nice. While the CD is well recorded, make a point of catching Free Boat Rentals live to savour their full sonic range. (SW)