Fred Speck's Camp Combo Rock, Paper, Scissors

After a long winter hibernating you may be thinking, "I need something to raise my spirits, something to give me an emotional spring cleaning.” Look no further. Fred Speck and his cheerful bunch of summer music campers have got the antidote for anybody’s case of the grumpies. With good-spirited humour and exuberant playing, Rock, Paper, Scissors takes a vaudevillian view of life and love. Delivered in a declamatory style reminiscent of Frank Zappa on Freak Out, Speck belts out lyrics like, "I’ll never forget my blunder/Until you’re six feet under” that will bring a wry smile to even the most sullen of listeners. The four-song EP keeps its rib-tickling focus throughout, including on the raucous reading of the 1895 pop tune "And the Band Played On.” Camp Combo also provide food for thought, painting a vivid picture of God and Satan playing rock, paper, scissors to determine some hapless human’s fate. This is a fun disc that’s appropriate for pleasant social gatherings with friends and family. (Independent)