Fred Durst on New Limp Bizkit Music: "I'm Waiting to Truly Feel and Believe What I'm Saying"

"I feel like a messenger; I'm waiting on the message"
Fred Durst on New Limp Bizkit Music: 'I'm Waiting to Truly Feel and Believe What I'm Saying'
Earlier this year, Limp Bizkit reunited their original lineup and played a $3 show. Marilyn Manson, Billy Corgan and Machine Gun Kelly were in attendance, and the '90s were officially back. But while Limp Bizkit continue to ride a wave of nostalgic energy, new music from the band is nowhere to be found.

Now, frontman Fred Durst has addressed the delay in following up 2011 full-length Gold Cobra. In conversation with Billboard, Durst noted how a renewed interest in Limp Bizkit is "really interesting" despite his decision "to pull back and not milk it" when it comes to band activity.

Durst explained the thought process behind his decision to the publication as follows:

We're really fortunate that we get excited when we get up and do what we do and feed off of people who've never really felt it before. It's like a strange thing we never would have saw coming. But I consciously made an effort a while back to pull back and not milk it, not tour all year long, not put out tons of records. I feel like a messenger; I'm waiting on the message. I'm waiting to truly feel and believe what I'm saying as shallow or deep as you may perceive it, if it means something to me, I can say it. If it doesn't, there's no reason for me to chalk it up and put it out. I think with Limp Bizkit and our peers, we're the band that kind of hasn't been doing anything, except for waiting on that message. And there's something really beautiful about the reward, the payoff that's happening. We're just kind of gonna be us and stay us because I don't think we know how to do anything else.

Durst admitted that his decision to dial things back is a double-edged sword, telling Billboard, "I suffer financially because I don't do it. We get offered lots and lots of money and lots of things to do and I just became very good at saying no."

He added, "I made some interesting decisions in the beginning. I can't go back and change them so I can live with them, but I feel like, 'Man, I wish I was a little more wise back then or someone was coaching me.'... But all we are is now and somehow the most hated became a commodity to go, 'Let's have some fun 'cause Limp Bizkit is gonna be there.' And that's what it was all about in the first place: having some fun."

Fans have eagerly been awaiting a Gold Cobra follow-up that was set to be titled Stampede of the Disco Elephants. In 2017, Durst suggested that the effort had already been released online.