Freaky Flow World Domination

It is rare to find a studio-produced CD that transmits the energy of a live DJ set. On his Moonshine debut, Canadian jungle ambassador Freaky Flow scratches, cuts and mixes his way through 18 bomb tracks, the majority of which were unreleased dubs at the time of recording. Following an intro by long-time collaborator MC Flipside, Freaky drops a soulful Syndicate remix of Nelly Furtado’s “Party” and never looks back. He builds the energy with tracks by A-Sides, Urban Shakedown, fellow Syndicate member Illfingaz, Flux & Rinse, Kingsize and GFS featuring J. Smooth. Things chill out towards the end of the disc with the sublimely jazzy “Brothers in Detroit” by Omni Trio and “Made in 2 Minutes (Origin Unknown remix)” by Bug Kann & the Plastic Jam. Freestyle vocals by MC Flipside, as well as guest appearances by Choclair and Ylook fill out the mix and don’t give the listener’s attention a chance to wander. All in all a slammin’ jam from T.O.’s Flow. Look out world! (Moonshine)