Fratellis "Impostors (Little by Little)" (video)

Fratellis 'Impostors (Little by Little)' (video)
UK indie rock outfit Fratellis recently came out of retirement with their latest LP Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, and they're ready to share another clip for a track off the new album. 
Following up the previously shared visuals for "Dogtown," the new video is for "Impostors (Little by Little)." The set of shots was captured by director Edward John Drake using 8mm film.
"8mm holds an energy unlike no other format — it's in constant motion, capturing details through a halcyon, forgiving eye," Drake said. "Watching 8mm feels like reliving a memory — it's fuzzy, often slipping out of focus allowing out minds to wander even as we watch. 'Impostors' captures Fratellis best. We feel the lyrics coming from real experiences, and with true 8mm film we find the same essence of spontaneity and honesty."
Take a trip down memory lane by giving the vintage-looking tale of two young hitchhikers a watch in the player below.
Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied is out now.