Frankie Rose Quits Dum Dum Girls to Focus on the Outs

Frankie Rose Quits Dum Dum Girls to Focus on the Outs
Is there a more fickle drummer in indie rock than Frankie Rose? She's already quit both Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts, and most recently aligned herself with Dum Dum Girls. Now, the drummer is jumping ship once again.

In a new interview with Static [via WebcutsMusic], Dum Dum Girls singer Dee Dee explained, "She finally has got her own project underway and has been working on a record and she's not the hugest fan of touring, she would probably do it for her own band. But it was probably time to do her own thing."

This Rose project presumably refers to Frankie Rose & the Outs, a fuzz-friendly pop band that sounds similar to many of the acts that Frankie has previously been a part of.

According to a MySpace post from the Outs, an LP is on the way, although the message was written in January of this year. Last fall, she released a seven-inch single, "Thee Only One," through Slumberland.

As for Dum Dum Girls, they've hired a new drummer and bassist Bambi is now singing Rose's harmonies. You can see the new line-up on tour later this summer when they head out on the road with Vampire Weekend and Beach House.