Frank Bretschneider Curve

This album belongs to the field of Nordic minimalist-prog-techno stemming from the Oval-esque glitch sound with a unique yet subtle take on dub aesthetics. The feel of this album is very urban. Richard Henke, of Monolake, mentioned his influences to be cities and urban architecture, rather than specific music. For this reason, a certain spaciousness is conveyed in these sounds, suggestive of wide lofts or deserted office spaces at night with the computers, printers and fax machines left on. When the glitches and clicks form into a rhythmic sequence, it seems to happen naturally, almost incidentally. Bits of ambient synthesis brush across some tracks like soft lighting. What I like best about Curve is that it allows you to conduct your own thoughts without intruding. More like punctuating the sentences in your mind. (Mille Plateaux)