François K/Various Deep & Sexy - A Wave Music Compilation

A compilation of tracks mixed by a figure as luminously large as François Kevorkian should logically raise heartbeats and get bodies moving. Aside from the context of the great Body and Soul triumvirate made up of Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit and François K, the latter's presence and contribution to the New York scene is as immense as it is breathtakingly beautiful. Unfortunately, Wave Music has attempted to capitalise on the singularly established greatness of François K by releasing a compilation of tracks that seems to reflect its catalogue over and above Kevorkian's selection. A glance at François K's Essential Mix from 2000 reveals a compilation mixed with daring aplomb, as he pulls listeners in with 33 tracks that traverse history. These tracks go back to the '70s and work their way to the future, providing a taste of the master mixer in his element. In contrast, this compilation skims the surface on its promise of being both "deep and sexy." There are a few precious moments, such as ADNY's "Omato Grosso," that hint at Kevorkian's predisposition for tribal rhythms and Afro-funk. "Earth Is the Place," by Nathan Haines, featuring Verna Francis, is a beautifully memorable song and Kevorkian's own "Enlightenment" is full of cut-up beats and teasingly polyrhythmic time signatures. The 12 tracks in all, however, are quite pallid and lack the kind of zest and urgency expected of Kevorkian. But that problem has more to do with the label's attempt at making a saleable compilation, which is also predictably palatable. (Wave)