Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne Me Madame (Good News From Wonderland)

The cover of Me Madame is a bleak, monochrome photo of a film being shot on a beach, the potential gorgeousness of said scene being stripped away by the lack of colour. In contrast, the music of electro-acoustician Franck Vigroux and guitar/synth practitioner Matthew Bourne is alive and vibrant. Unfolding at a hyperkinetic pace, the sample-heavy pieces are cardio workouts in miniature. Bourne's instrumentation acts as a binding agent overtop of which Vigroux drapes myriad samples and noise. At times, the commotion can be overwhelming but the duo manage to include their version of a ballad — the gorgeous "White Rabbit" — to balance out the madness. Like some electrifying new form of freak jazz, Me Madame literally fills all available space with its mutant genome. Vigroux and Bourne are the sonic geneticists that are to be credited with the discovery. (D'Autres Cordes)