Franck Vigroux Camera Police

Camera Police (the third solo album from French composer Franck Vigroux) is somewhat schizophrenic in execution. Purely electronic in nature, the album sways between desolate, blown-out rhythms and glitchy, barely-there techsploitation. The bleeps, samples and low rumbling of "I.D." could be the score for a film adaptation of Neuromancer, while "Menottes" finds Vigroux exercising his love for noise and near-industrial rhythms. Over the course of 12 tracks (two of which are hidden), Vigroux jumps between these two motifs. Camera Police is at its most interesting in the latter half, when it sounds like Vigroux is improvising, blending disparate samples and odd synthetic sounds. The first part of a larger vision, which includes an audiovisual installation and a live performance slated for next year, this album is a survey of the techniques and aspects that comprise experimental electronic music. It's a heady, yet arresting, listen. (D'Autres Cordes)