Frances Bean Cobain Is Now Selling Her Art Online

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 21, 2016

Frances Bean Cobain may be embroiled in a bitter battle with her ex over the true ownership of Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged acoustic guitar, but the late Nirvana member's daughter is also ready to let you take home her own artwork.

As NME points out, Cobain has started up an account through the Depop retail site, where she is currently selling off prints of her artwork.

"Normal sized prints are available now and some special editions will be sold at a later date," she says in a brief account bio.

Some of the work had previously appeared in Cobain's 2010 art show, where she had billed herself as Fiddle Tim. Some are more abstract scenes, while others are portraits of twisted-up, misshapen humanoid creatures. The ink and paint productions are currently selling anywhere from $200 to $400 USD.

You'll find a few examples of her work above and below, while info on how to pick up a piece of Cobain's portfolio can be found over here.

As for that Unplugged guitar debacle, it had previously been reported that Cobain and Isaiah Silva, whom she was married for 21 months, are currently arguing over who should get to keep the iconic acoustic instrument. Silva claims that the Martin D-18E used during the MYV Unplugged had been given to him as a wedding present, while Cobain disagrees.

Her mother, Courtney Love, had also weighed in on the divorce settlement battle, telling TMZ of the family heirloom: "Its not his to take."


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