Foxygen "24 Hour Lover Man"

Foxygen '24 Hour Lover Man'
California eccentrics Foxygen are apparently making good use of the current brief break from their "farewell tour," and have just issued a completely wild, Jimi Hendrix-sampling pseudo rap track called "24 Hour Lover Man." This latest piece of music, sweet music went up in a stream late last night (April 30).

As you'll discover down below, the track interpolates the fretboard-scouring fuzziness of Hendrix's "Manic Depression," while Sam France's equally distorted, post-rhythm MC skills come out sounding something like energized, early-days Beck.

Apparently coming "straight from the space age," the rap features a mix of absurdist visuals calling out some lady's bogus one-minute-man, while propping up his own proficiency. "I'm on some post-Ezra Koenig fuckin North Face bullshit boyfriend," he posits at one point, before delivering an insanely TMI line about how he "fucked Freddy Kreuger's eyeballs while listening to Black Dice on ecstasy."

It's a weird, chaotic piece from the apparently outgoing Foxygen, and you can check out, assumedly, one of the band's final hurrahs down below.