Four Tet Unveils 'New Energy' Album

Four Tet Unveils 'New Energy' Album
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
Following a recent string of loosies, Four Tet has announced a new album. It's called New Energy and will arrive on September 29.

The album follows 2015's Morning/Evening effort and marks Kieran Hebden's ninth proper studio album as Four Tet.

The news comes via an extremely minimal tweet from Hebden, revealing the album title, tracklist and other details, though in a painfully small font. At this point, few other details about New Energy have been revealed. Just so you don't have to strain your poor eyeballs, you can check out the tracklist below.

UPDATE (9/13, 11:30 a.m. EDT): You can now hear the new album track "Scientists" below.

New Energy:

1. Alap

2. Two Thousand and Seventeen

3. LA Trance

4. Tremper

5. Lush

6. Scientists

7. Falls 2

8. You Are Loved

9. SW9 9SL

10. 10 Midi

11. Memories

12. Daughter

13. Gentle Soul

14. Planet