Four Tet Reveals 'Pink' Album

Four Tet Reveals 'Pink' Album
UK producer Kieran Hebden has been surprising us with new 12-inch singles from his Four Tet moniker over the past few months, and now he'll compile the tracks on a new digital album and CD.

The release is called Pink, and collects all of the singles along with two new tracks. As Hebden explains on his website, the tracks "Lion" and "Peace for Earth" have not been released on vinyl yet, but he plans to put them on a single in the near future.

Look for Pink to drop digitally on August 20 via Four Tet's own Text label. If you're craving a physical version, Japanese imprint Hostess Entertainment will release a CD of the album on August 22.

The tracklisting is available below along with streams of three album tracks.

1. Locked

2. Lion

3. Jupiters

4. Ocoras

5. 128 Harps

6. Pyramid

7. Peace for Earth

8. Pinnacles